So, in my head this makes perfect sense. Clearly, my skills at explaining things aren’t honed at the moment. Must be the time out of the public service… or the speed at which my brain is going!

And to be honest – Ian ruined me for flow charts. I feel it steals the glory and wonder of rolling a plan out and seeing where it goes.. But it’s your business and money – so I get why you are asking for more. (CRC people – you’ll feel me on this! I totes sniggered typing that in)

The whole premise of this makeover idea is blatant promotion of your small business. Please flick now to the attached document with word art and colour. Don’t try and edit it – that thing is finicky!

Makeover Demo

Let us pause for a moment and enjoy the colour and the placement of the thought bubbles…


Do you see the concept?

** We will have HUGE hype – fueled by everyone in Cairns AND THE WORLD (whoops – too much coffee) around picking the makeover people.


** We will be talking about your small business being chosen too!!

** Those not playing this round will still get mentions. Sell up your latest happenings – your specials – why people NEED you – and they do!

** We will do a meet and greet, speed dating gig for all the small businesses to attend – with coffee and laughter! Bring your business cards. Build your professional network and up your referrals.


** The wonderful makeover people will be blogging and posting as they go through the process. That’s a lot of mentions as you come in touch with them.

** There will be a makeover tag – yes I love a good #hashtag 😉


** Then you will talk about being a part of the process, and what you are doing.

~Now, if you are tricky, you will make money out of this – right from the get go. How? You ask. Well, sit down sister/brother, and listen up. For example – If you are the LUCKY PT chosen – you do a boot camp/yoga/session and clearly for the participants it’s free. HOWEVER – you have room for a few more right? So invite the facebook/insty world! Get them along and get them paying. Then take photo’s of them like mad and post. Get them to post – yes that’s right – and hashtag..Then invite them all back! Then they will fall under your magical spell and become regular customers. Especially if you are affordable and fun – which you will be!


** This just goes on and on . The hairdressor mentions what a great job the /make up/pt/life coach is doing with the makeover people…

** It’s all shared and shared.

** Then Oasis Magazine does a HUGE interview and shares your info in their amazing magazine.


** The local media will totes jump on board.

** The local members of State are already keen – well Rob Pyne is at least!

** So many opportunities!

** And then there’s the glam party where we take photo’s right up until the first bottle of champers are gone. Then all cameras away 😉


So – what do you think? Don’t be all quiet now. PM me if you can see a flaw in my plan. Or I’ve missed an opp.