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Hello again

Well it’s Saturday and there is no time to waste!

The paperwork has a first draft and is ready to go out. (I’ll attach it again to this, so if you want a head start you can grab it and get it in to me quick sticks!). I’m even more determined after chatting in the shop this morning to lock this blatant advertising effort in and to get some hype happening.

If you are in small business in Cairns – you need to work with me on this. Let’s create the hype! Let’s get people choosing to buy local – 🙂 Everyone can get involved! I’m going to start a business register – to start sharing the local love. Let’s encourage people to bookmark the page so they can shop small easily!

Let’s use this social media medium to it’s maximum advantage!

Are you in?

Handmade Cans Makeover

T xx