So are you cyclone prepping like mad? It doesn’t look like it – the cafe is pumping and everyone is laughing!

Just so you know – you can pop in here before you do the inevitible rush to the grocery store for things to get you ready.

We have –

* Vanilla Mozi – your all natural insect repellent! And they have candles too – in case the power goes out and you don’t want to get eaten alive.

* We have CrocHeads – for holding those bloody mozzie coils – even when they snap in your hands as you get them out. They also hold insence quite nicely.

* We just got new bunting. Now it’s not really cyclone related, but it’s gorgeous. There is some old lace on one and I think I gasped out loud when I found it in the stash! Check out http://www.facebook.com/littlemissvcairns for more pics

* Paper Moon Designs has these battery operated origami lights. Some set up, some ready for you to set up. They are f#cking awesome, as is their maker! And she is at home recovering from a knee op, so you need to buy lots before she inundates us with heaps more!

* We have… GOURDS! The perfect, light weight, gift.

* Mrs Jones has coffee cup warmers and soy candles… they smell divine. Also these purses for keeping your emergency cash in.

* Eggplant & Poppy have book clocks for keeping in touch with the time while the power is out… and your phone has gone flat..

* Slinky Mongoose has these simple wrap skirts – perfect for the post cyclone party with mates as you bbq all your defrosted meat up.

* Jenni has these AMAZING candleabras – totally recycled – totally perfect to make a cute statement.

* If cyclones make you scared, we have soft toys by Lost Threads, Lori and Izbitsworld.. to name a few.

You are welcome!

Then you can go rush to get baked beans and toilet paper 😉

T xx