So, I’m craving a fancy night out. With dresses, heels and bling. And men in bowties! And looking dapper.

And then Mrs Jones ( whipped up some bow ties. I saw this as a sign.

And then the cyclone happened. And we have a million causes needing cash. BOOM!

Also, I have this dress (as does Ang from and Fi from after the wonderful NQAR ( did a clothes sale at the front of our shop ( a few months back… So it’s all tying in together.

Now Kristy from The Flying Monkey Cafe ( is keen as mustard and my facey page went off when I suggested this gig. So I’m excited to say – we have a candle lit venue – which also means you can buy the gorgeous stuff from my shop and support local artists at the same time! BOOM!!!!! Yep, this is #winning. Also – who wants to open the shop so I can drink and be loud?

So now – I need music – live please! And prizes for promotion! And a sponsor – join in! And a wine sponsor – come on now facey. You must know someone?

I’m assuming Sonya Barber from Fitness Australia – the state manager no less, will MC for this gig. She’s all that in a fancy dress! I haven’t confirmed this of course – but if it hits facey it’s all official.

Let’s do this! Get your bling ready – did I mention we have a shit load in the shop? Spoken Jones OTT bling will be my theme – it’s how I roll at my mature age. Also – it matches my dress.