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Missmarci (www.missmarci.com) sent me this post the other day. I wasn’t ready to read it, but I did. And it’s startling.

It’s worth reading, both if you are a maker and a buyer. Supporting local makers is vital to the success of our economy. It’s also a feel good buy – you are paying forward the love and supporting someone living their dream – or paying their bills.

Supporting stores like Handmade Cans is vital if you want places like this to exist for the long haul. We’ve already seen doors closing on shops trying to offer similiar services to the community, and that is just tragic. We love seeing these lovely suppliers grow, develop

It’s fair to say a LOT of time and effort goes into handmade items. You can see the love. You can feel it. And everyone in the Can is pretty freaking awesome and kick ass about what they make, how they make it, and how they do business.

Cairns, like most local communities, is alive with small businesses, doing their thing. Do you consciously make a choice to shop small every purchase you make? I know it’s tough – and we are are all a bit tight financialy – but there are some sales that won’t affect your bottom line, but will support a local business to stay open. For example – Stratford Fuel still pumps your fuel for you – and they have competitive pricing on their petrol. And they have all sorts of goodies inside (I hope to get a small range of HC goods in their one day) like free range eggs at $1 cheaper than anywhere else! It’s true! And they are both funny, lovely people, trying to survive in a very cut throat business world.

Now – without further ado – here is the article.


Please don’t leave me Canners – this is where the real talk happens about how to make everyone win here. The door is open for everyone to contribute to this discussion – talk to me!