This make over idea is booming. It’s growing faster than my grass, following the wet season sunshine.

I’m going to take a long shower today to figure some deets out (it’s where I think the best), or maybe a stomp around the red arrow (but I’m sicky)- however it’s a multi level go at building some love, some support, and sharing a feeling of compassion and care in our little Can town.

It’s all about promoting local small businesses. It’s about helping people have the best life they can have by working on a long term plan for change, using local services. It’s about changing how you look and feel and think and be. And it’s about us all learning who is doing what in this town and keeping them doing it. It’s really tough out there right now.

Oasis Magazine are going to be our mouthpiece for this winning sale a thon. Have you seen them yet? Check out their latest ‘Face of Oasis Comp’ at and get on it. They are new in town – and they are awesome. There is still spots available if you are a passionate leader in your field and want a regular article space. I’m thinking I need one – for ideas 😉

So many people have fed into this idea so far.

Ang from Wyld Ginger Hair Designers is my listening gal who does great hair. I really want to see her BOOM as she’s just started her own salon and she’s mega talented – something Cairns needs.

Kristy and Rick at The Flying Monkey Cafe of course keep me hyped and they know all there is to know about grass roots business world things They also make the best coffee and chai tea in town. Perhaps the Far North, it’s true. Try the Mad Monkey – for a sugar high.

All my artists at Handmade Cans inspire me daily ( and listen to my crazy ideas. I want all of them to grow and follow their dreams, where ever that may take them.

Now, you may or may not know, I come out of the community sector. My jam is networking and connecting. I love that shiz. (You can check me out on linked in at I’m also political by nature. So I’m all about pulling things together. I’m crap at deets – I’m just saying that now. This thing is making me THRILLED to the bone.

I’ve just had a chat with Rob Pyne MP for Cairns (you know I love him long time) and he is keen on getting involved too. Jo Abbatangelo and I have a bigger plan for all this – I know, I hear you wonder how much bigger this can get? – well bigger. And it’s going fill HUGE gaps in this area. I’m hoping we will start a model everywhere else will copy – and we can go on speaking tours and fly business class.. #dreaming #livingthedream

I’ll get the expression of interest forms done soon. I need to figure out what to ask you all.. If you have any ideas shoot them through.

If you are in a place where you want to change your world – get thinking and watch this space. If you own a small business in Cans – get thinking about how you can get involved. There will be space for heaps of local love.

I will do a call out soon for a think tank meeting. Everyone welcome. Put your hand up please!

Peace out

TBC xxx

ps – there is method in this madness. Did you notice the business plugs? Were you tempted to click? Did you click and check them out? Did you know about those businesses before?

pps – join the movement! Share your experiences on your facey and insty accounts of local businesses you find and love. Do it. Do it now, and do it often xx