So asking for advice about new stockists aside. What is your style?

I’ve been googling this a bit lately. I’ve hit 40. Things look different. I am different. I know what I love – but what does my style say about me? I’m also on the hunt for either turning the Can into a money making machine (highly unlikely in the near future) or getting a job, so what I wear matters.

I’m following style blogs, and might set up an area to take pic’s of my daily style. Would that be interesting? I don’t know! It might help highlight my cycle – I appear to LOVE beige and natural colours at one point during my cycle. I just gave HEAPS away at a clothes swap last night, exchanging for the bright colours I usually wear. What is that about? Seriously!!

I’m also mid hair style and having a dilemma on what look I want. I think I’m craving dark again – it’s easy and I know how to do that look. Everything I have matches black hair… of any length. But I think Ang has different ideas. Though I’m going back to make her funk this cut up as soon as I clear the cash situation..

What blogs do you read/follow? Hit me up – I’ll share mine on our facey page slowly.. 😉

Here’s some reading for now.

Also – if you are in Cairns – I’d highly reco Gerlinda – one of the most patient, talented women I know, to fix your style issues. She is bang on every time, no matter what body type/budget you have. Check her

T x