Well, I reckon this year is going to be fab! It’s full of such potential 🙂

The shop had a quick (read hours of blood, sweat and tears) revamp and is now spick and span and spacious. To be honest, I’m not a fan and I think it’s missing something. That something will happen!

All our lovely Can family seemed to have a wonderful break, and are slowly trickling back in with new and improved stock for a new and improved year!

We are sad to see a few of our favourites go this month, but we understand things change, lives change, and the handcrafting world sometimes needs to fade so real life can kick in. It’s never good bye, just see you later, in this world!

We are super excited to see new faces appearing!! We’ve had Daintree Photography join us just yesterday, and already two prints are off to Canada. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t take me too!

Shop hours are now 9 to 2 Monday to Saturday. It’s a little quieter, so we are going to take it a little easy. You can make appointments out of those hours – of course – just let Tanya know or pm the facey page. It’s not a big deal to pop in for you!

Back to school/work is looming quickly upon us.. and the Can is fully stocked with cool ladies fashions (who wouldn’t want to rock a Slinky Mongoose Wrap skirt or Monet and Lily Threads skirt in the new year?) and funky books that would really well for visual planning. We have some pencil cases being whipped up by Izbits World too – so your little people stand out in the crowd. We also have a HUGE range of things to create a really cool workspace – in all sorts of colours! Lamps, photo frames, crochet covered jars, Monsta stickers for the skater peeps. I love a workspace that’s all pretty – especially if you have to exist in the mosh pit or cubicle central areas. It helps me work better.. (and I always have organised chaos ;))

If you are trying to get organised, don’t forget Cath from Rescued and Recycled has a range upcycled casement windows that have clips, hangers on them, blackboards and the like to keep everything together and your week running smoothly. They are really well made, sealed with organic sealer and those mirrors just don’t break. Awesome! Cath has some work out at Ellis Beach if you want to see how it all looks spread out a little, and need some sea air and a bit of sun,

Tropical Totes has been in and restocked – so the cloth bum, on the move Mama’s can grab a new look for this year. The kids clothing section is BUZZING and a few size 2 – 4 boys outfit have appeared. Hooray!

Handmade Cans shirts are still here – for you to wear and promote the store. They are really comfy, and really the ‘in’ thing this season,.. well.. LOL!!

Ok! See you in store soon

T xx