Ho ho freaking ho!

I’m the biggest grinch in town. It’s been years since I’ve felt too much festive. I don’t know why! We have little kids. We enjoy eating ham. I love roast turkey. Perhaps it’s the heat? I might need snow and a roaring fire?

Never the less, here I am. Running the biggest, happiest space in Cairns. Full of great gifts for Christmas. And it’s toally exploding.

You need to take advantage of this. Really. All our gorgeous items are handmade by a lovely Can’er. They sweat and cry over these items. They cheer when they are done. They have to do dreaded paperwork to get them into the store. And, worst of all, they have to let them go into your hands. Like their babies leaving the nest. It’s hard core.

We are doing lots of posting at the moment, to drag your butts into the store. We know parking can be a pain. So come after school hours! We know you drink, so join us for late night shopping. We know you want to buy online – so PM us!

I’m adding a picture. Get to our page – http://www.facebook.com/handmadecans. Get in store.