So, it’s probably time to confess, if you’ve missed my subtle movements, that I’m really working on a bit of a movement here. Blame my JCU studies – and my years in the community sector. Or the stars in my eyes. I’m visioning the Can assisting with the vibe in Cairns – creating resiliant creatives, and making things happen. And having a store that is alive with amazing items, that you really can’t find anywhere else.

I can see some of you nodding, and some thinking I’m mad. If you think I’m mad – click off – there must be something happening elsewhere that needs your attention. I don’t have time for tyre kickers and doubters. You give me a headache, and I’m recently panadol’d up.

For those nodding – let’s do this! Let’s do classes. Let’s work together. Let’s do events. Let’s create a buzz. Let’s share, collaborate and create. I’m hearing whispers that there are some exciting collaborations happening (the worst kept secret in Cans to be honest) and I’m so excited. I also see the arts/cultural scene really booming. Exhibitions everywhere, new concept stores (love you The Trolley fam) and Port kicking in. And Kuranda is vibing too. There is so much. Let’s build a strong tapestry. Let’s create space for everyone to have a red hot go.

Some of this stuff is fun. The Suitcase Sales, the Twilight Trading, The Book Club (I swear it will happen!!) and the classses. I’m working on two way classes. Fun ones to skill share. And serious ones to skill everyone up in marketing, business basics, social media and getting out there.

I’m swinging in everything I have to create a safety net of soul. Teachers for everyone, skill building for everyone, and some champgne swilling when we have time.

I can’t do this alone though. I need you to get involved. To take a lead. To take a stand and really kick up and cheer for what you are good it.

We have this people xxx