Well, you can certainly never say it’s boring in the HC world!

I’m sad to report our Newcan:toucan is about to slam the doors shut, after just two months of being open. The building has been sold, and our casual pop up lease situation needs to get locked in, something we aren’t really in a position to do as yet. We are totally devastated about it – however – we are flipping it to celebrate the chance to really lock into the OC and get some family time back. And I can exercise. And drink wine. Well I didn’t stop drinking wine, but you know, I just thought I’d add it in! The whole thing probably didn’t stop me exercising either -my breaking hrm did, and it doesn’t count if you don’t measure the burn then post it on facey – but let’s say it was the Newcan. Ok.

We will go out with a bang – specials, loud music (maybe some MB20 if you are lucky), suitcase sales and bubbly wine. It’s all over this Saturday at high noon. If you were wanting something you better get in. Now. And grab it. Except Cedrick. You can’t take him home. Let’s not talk about it – but I heard he said you smelt. And I love him. And Deb gave us Alice – so now all I need is a pallet king size bed (hint hint anyone) and my bedroom make over is almost complete. I’ve just got that ugly hallstand to get rid of.. but it’s full of crap and covered in bags and stuff.. and who knows what I’d do with it all. Or the clothes hanging off my four poster bed we got from Di Forsyth a few years ago. It’s been painted, cut down, and makes a good ballet stand for Blake. Anyhoo, where was I?

Just so you don’t get confused – the OC is staying open. YAY!! Woo!!! Cheer!

The OC has had a complete makeover. It’s been amazing – although let’s be honest here – it’s also been tough. We’ve had to set a fee structure in place to ensure we can survive for the long haul, pay bills and even perhaps pay our family for our time we spend in the store. And in the pipeline, is the plan to hook up a couple of the Can family into paid hours, so we give them a bit of a boost and the Can gets their skills locked in.  And there are more than a few that rock – so I like the plan of getting a few working for us (the man) so they can craft in the background. And I can be a lady that lunches and does meetings with a clip board. Or goes back to the sector where I’m comfy before I miss all the goss and don’t get the acronyms any more!!!!!

We did a truck load of research, when I could get off insty and facey, and are shamelessly modelling ourselves on the Handmade Canberra set up. Thanks Marci. We have cubes, shelves, hanging space, wall space and floor space. Also baskets, a cute as hat rack.. and it looks amazing. Prices range from $2.50 to $15.00 a week plus commission. Seriously. Cheap as chips. Well, chips in 1972. Perhaps even into the 80’s. And beer at the bowls club.

It’s MUCH less than a market stall – and a lot nicer and not weather dependant!! Also our fake grass has a level of dirt that is just like the markets. Do you think I could get a steam cleaner for it? And we are open 6 days a week, with eftpos, wrapping, music, laughter and no sunburn. And the best coffee and food in town next door. And service second to none – after everyone has had their first coffee and engaged their brains.

We are holding events, suitcase sales, workshops and fashions shows. There are some makeovers and awards running in the background, along with more formal advertising. Maybe even a book club, if Miss M is ever not sick on a Wednesday. What is that about? And twilight trading – because who doesn’t love late night. Everyone loves late night. Don’t say you don’t. I’ll even chuck on some bubbly wine, and I found this idea to make ambient lighting that will no doubt end up as a pinterest fail to keep you laughing. You’re welcome.

We are really encouraging everyone to join in the Can experience, and we are looking to roll out training in the background to support everyone’s business boom. It’s a comprehensive plan (there is more happening).. watch this space. I have this dream…

All this has made some people cheer, and others react like brats. And those bratty people have bugged me. More than they should! However, onwards and upwards. I won’t dwell on because my stars said not to. Also, because I’ve made a list and won’t have to go there again. 😉

So, we are free and clear now! We wind the Newcan:toucan down this week. And we can finish allocating spaces and see what is left in the OC for new people. And we’ve already had people popping in, or finally arriving (Mrs Jones, Snazzy Three and MARIKA baby I’m looking at you) and once we’ve finished the epic clean up, we should be free and clear to sip coffee and chat about the weather. It’s the right time too – I’m cyclone obsessed. I apologise in advance. It’s just I promised Steve WILD weather in 2008 when we moved back here – and I’m just saying, so far, I’ve not delivered. Add that to my piss poor coffee making skills, my ability to dodge dishes and cooking duty, and our marriage is looking to be on thin ice. I did create the pigeon pair babies, and have cracker ideas that cost us money and make us exhausted – so he is really winning…. on the balance of probability! And the night he had to put up election signs in the pouring rain – that was a bonus baby, and absolute bonus. Google it. I had the best coreflute in history. Of Cairns, in this division, on that year, perhaps that day.

So, that’s the low down on the current state of play. From the horses over chatty mouth.

A few of the happenings have encouraged me to work through some pressing issues in the store. Which is exciting, if you are into admin 😛 I’m not – Bree and Siv are. Thank the numbers gods. And we are going to formalise the process a little more to ensure the Can family booms, and we get a good diversity of pretties coming into the store. Also – because I say yes to everyone and that HAS to stop!!!! Unless we can convince Kristy and Rick to move the Monkey to a HUGE warehouse – or series of warehouses!! And, I’m a lover of committees. It reminds me of the Cracker Jack movie (I also LOVE Mick Molloy) but since I haven’t slept since 2011 I can’t remember why. I am laughing now – so it must be funny.

I’m rambling. So unlike me!!

Gotta go!! I think I’m supposed to be something adminy.Or family related. Love youse!

TBC xxx